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  • Mutt Motorcycles Indonesia

    LEAVE IT ALL BEHIND Start planning your escape. Leave it all behind on a Mutt. HOUSE OF THE UNHOLY A NEW APPAREL COLLECTION FROM MUTT MOTORCYCLES Designed in-house in Birmingham by our skilled team of pencil monkeys and delinquents, these pieces are filled with hand-drawn artwork that pays homage to our greasy workshop roots of custom bikes, loud music and thrill-seeking good times. SHOP THE COLLECTION NEW ARRIVALS New machines from the house of Mutt. FAT SABBATH 250CC TITANIUM GREY Now Available RAZORBACK 250CC SILVER Now Available RAZORBACK 250CC MATT BLACK Now Available MONGREL 250CC MATT BLACK Now Available FSR 250CC MATT BLACK Now Available AKITA 250CC SILVER Now Available NEW METAL We've updated all of our models with new Mutt hardware and tweaks for 2021 MUTT BIKES There is a Mutt for every ride. Check out our range of custom styled bikes. EXPLORE MUTT STORES Get the stuff you need to look good on your bike, and even better off it, over at our store. SHOP NOW BLACK METAL FROM BIRMINGHAM We've been building serious custom bikes for a very long time. But due to the size, and expense of high end, vintage motorcycles, the custom bike scene can seem quite inaccessible. We wanted to change that... FIND OUT MORE

  • RS-13 250 MATT BLACK | Mutt Motorcycles Indonesia

    RS-13 250CC OVERVIEW FEATURES SPECIFICATIONS MATT BLACK Chat Chat ENQUIRES NOW RS-13 250CC This little ripper shouts home-brew custom bike like no other BLACK METAL With all the hallmarks of a true custom bike, from the raw steel tank and Renthal bars to the fat nobbly tyres the Mutt RS-13 just shouts homebrew custom bike, but the simple beauty of this bike is that we build it for you, all you gotta do is ride. As with all our motorcycles, the RS-13 is true to Mutt form, lightweight, stripped down and cooler than a polar bears PJ’s. 1/4 KEEP IT STEEL The RS-13 follows the classic Mutt stylistic approach - retro styling and riding experience with modern reliability and ease of operation. The 250 cc air-cooled single-cylinder is housed in our tubular twin shock frame and is slightly bigger with a longer swingarm compared to our 125's and of course, the 250 has a lot more grunt, a perfect machine for carving up inner-city traffic or just as at home slamming through the twists and turns of the countryside. Running narrower Tracker handlebars for an upright aggressive riding position, it’s perfect for hacking through the city traffic and that super bright halogen headlight lights up the road ahead with ease from behind the matt black grill. Keeping to retro classic roots the RS-13 runs on 18" wheels front and rear shod with classic style deep tread fat nobbly tyres. Short black rear shocks and wide yokes with telescopic forks keep the bike firmly planted on the tarmac. NO TWO THE SAME For rider comfort and retro vibe, the RS-13 has diamond pattern black grips and a choice of black diamond pattern black seat or a distressed tan tuck 'n' roll seat. In true Mutt style we’ve fitted all black wheels with black spokes, flat black aluminium mudguards and of course our neat little black LED aluminium tail light and LED indicators. ​ The crowning glory of this little thumper is without doubt the reverse raw steel tank, each tank is hand painted and finished here at Mutt HQ, hand rubbed and painted to create a unique raw effect, the tank is then clear coated to protect it. Due to the way this hand finished process is carried out each and every tank is that little bit different to it's brother, each RS-13 is a true custom, no two are identical. But how does it sound? Well, if you are a Mutt fan you will know that all our bikes have a healthy low down rumble and the RS-13 is no exception, our black heat treated stainless steel exhaust and silencer barks like only a Mutt can. ​ Take a look at the chunky little posterior of a Mutt and you'll see four beautifully machine CNC nuts holding the rear shocks on. We've also been busy with some sheet metal work, the angular sump guard and matching rear master cylinder cover gives the bikes a lower-slung more aggressive look, Bruce Wayne would be proud of them. ​ The Mutt RS-13 250 is a machine built for both fun and stylish commuting, light enough to throw around the city and fast enough for hacking down the motorway or blasting the A roads. Two up riding is no problem for these little beauties. Fuel injection provides this thumper with smooth acceleration and full ABS provides solid stopping power. SPECIFICATIONS AT A GLANCE FUEL CAPACITY ​ WARRANTY ​ DISPLACEMENT ​ TOP SPEED ​ MAX POWER ​ COLOURWAY 12L ​ 2 years ​ 250cc ​ 80mph ​ 21hp ​ Matt black DIMENSIONS WEIGHT (DRY) ​ SEAT HEIGHT ​ LENGTH X WIDTH X HEIGHT ​ MAXIMUM LOAD 130kg ​ 830mm ​ 2140mm x 770mm x 770mm ​ 300kg ENGINE ENGINE TYPE ​ DISPLACEMENT ​ MAX POWER ​ MAX TORQUE ​ TRANSMISSION ​ TOP SPEED ​ DRIVE TYPE ​ ENGINE COOLING ​ DELPHI FUEL INJECTION ​ NGK SPARK CAPS & HT LEADS 4-stroke single cylinder ​ 250cc ​ 21hp ​ 18Nm ​ 5 speed manual ​ 80mph ​ O-ring chain ​ Air ​ ✓ ​ ✓ THE LOOK FRAME COLOUR ​ FRAME ​ FUEL TANK DESIGN ​ EXHAUST ​ SEAT ​ SIDE PANELS ​ BARS ​ GRIPS Black ​ ​ Twin shock ​ ​ Black with steel stripes & Mutt branding ​ Custom built, black, stainless-steel ​ Bespoke low profile black diamond stitch sea t ​ ​ Custom made, black ​ Flat satin tracker bars ​ Black Alumunium and rubber, diamond pattern FEATURES WHEELS & RIMS ​ TYRES ​ BREAK SYSTEM ​ SUMP GUARD ​ HEADLIGHT ​ INDICATORS 18" wheels with blacked out rims & spokes ​ ​ Deep knobbly tread, 4.00x18 front, 4.00x18 rear ​ ​ Antilock Braking Systems (CBS) ​ ​ Black ​ ​ Halogen, with a silver headlight grill ​ LED, bullet style, black anodised alumunium indicators ORDER YOUR BIKE Shoot us an email and reserve your built-to-order bike. BUY NOW ENQUIRE ABOUT THIS BIKE Want more details? Drop us a line and we can answer any questions. SEND AN ENQUIRY BOOK A TEST RIDE Find your closest Mutt approved deal and book a test ride today. FIND A DEALER RP 100,958,795.00 + OTR

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